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Come APRIL i am reminded of 2 things - summer vacations & mangoes (the king of fruits) and of late an addition to this is my hubby's birthday which falls in the month of april.I am no longer in school so no more summer vacations but mangoes - they are always there!!I am a mango connoisseur. So my love for mangoes never never fades.

Even in terms of nutrition Mangoes has a lot of health benefits.It contains a stomach-soothing enzyme -so very good for your tummy. It also contains plenty of fiber, vitamins A and C, and potassium. One mango has about a hundred calories with no cholesterol and half of the necessary daily fiber.

I love to eat this fruit as it is but sometimes you need a change in the form you have them.

Now that happened to me - i felt like having Mango ice cream and the search started...

I googled a lot in search of some good mango ice cream recipes, and zeroed on to mango ice cream recipe of Spicy Chilly b'coz it was egg free and guilt free - i mean no cream used in the recipe . I followed the recipe with slight modification -

  • I pureed the pulp from mangoes instead of using the canned ones.
  • I did not add the fresh cream as the ice cream mix was already thick enough, and I did not find any ice formation.
  • Used milk powder.
I got to eat this eggless ice cream with less guilt as it was minus the whipping cream which most recipes call for.And i must say i relished it.Thank you Bharathy very much for this yummy recipe. This is a keeper for sure.
Mango puree-->1 cup
Water-->1 cup
Milk powder-->6 tbsp
Corn flour-->1 tbsp
Sugar-->3/4 cup
Milk-->1/3 cup

1)Mix the milk powder & water.See to it no lumps are formed.

2)Pour this into a heavy bottom pan & reduce the quantity till the whole mixture thickens i.e., reduce to a quater of the original quantity.
3)Dissolve the sugar and simmer for a few more minutes on low flame. The consistency should be like that of condensed milk.
4)Now in another container dissolve the cornflour with cold milk thorougly.See to it no lumps are formed.
5)Now add this cornflour milk mixture to the boiling -milk powder sugar mixture and keep stirring all the time to avoid lumps.
6)Simmer again till you reach a thicker consistency.Remove this from stove top & allow it to cool

7)Now mix in the mango puree to the cooled mixture and pulse this mixture using the blender.
8)Transfer this mixture to a container with lid & refrigerate it.
9)When it is half frozen -remove this mixture and whip it in the blender.Now pour back this mixture into the same container and re freeze it till it hardens.
10)Once done --Scoop them & ENJOY!!

This goes to Yasmeen's   Health Nut Challenge 6 - I Scream For Ice Cream! 


  1. Suparna // April 05, 2009  

    Hi Sharada,
    Hmmm.. tumba easy agide recipe...shall try ur version sometime. snap chennagide.
    Hope u had a fun weekend n enjoyed ur ice-cream :)

  2. Asha // April 06, 2009  

    Great looking Ice cream, I make it too but in Summer. lovely color! :)

  3. Malar Gandhi // April 06, 2009  

    Oh my my...who wudnt want mangoes...this looks creamy and rich love it.

  4. Pooja // April 06, 2009  

    looking great sharada...Nice color...I make it with condensed milk..

  5. sharada // April 06, 2009  

    Thumba thanks Suparna dear:)
    Thank you asha,malargandhi,pooja.

  6. Uma // April 06, 2009  

    Thanks for dropping by! YOu have a nice blog too! Mango ice cream looks so good and yummy.

  7. Varunavi // April 06, 2009  

    Yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyy colour of the icecream

  8. Kitchen Flavours // April 06, 2009  

    I too love summer for vacation and mangoes......Ice cream looks yummylicious.........

  9. Dibs // April 06, 2009  

    Thanks for visiting! Hey I love home made mango ice cream too. Thanks for a nice recipe!

  10. Prathibha // April 07, 2009  

    Icecream looks yumm..Even i m waiting for the proper mango season to make this irresistable ice cream..

  11. Jayashree // April 07, 2009  

    Looks so creamy and perfect. Nice recipe.

  12. sharada // April 07, 2009  

    Thank you Uma:)Varunavi:)Kitchen Flavours:)Dibs:)Prathiba:)Jayashree:).

  13. // April 09, 2009  

    i like this recipe.. just as u said its the guilt free type.. plus it has a beautiful colour...

  14. ARUNA // April 12, 2009  

    wow i never tried an ice-cream recipe Sharada......this looks gr88.I will quickly try it.And thanks for visitng my blog and for a sweet comment.

  15. luckysanjana // April 19, 2009  

    yeah seems guilt free for sure........I will be posting my guilty version soon....maybe next week........p has gone to mumbai hopefully hell get a big carton of mangoes.....alphonsos are good for icecream...

  16. Priti // May 11, 2009  

    Looks real yum and I love the fact tht there is no cream you used..

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  18. Yasmeen // May 24, 2010  

    Thanks very much for sending this marvelous mango ice cream for the challenge.Could you also please update the post with a link to the challenge announcement page? :D

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