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As everybody knows Sev is a popular snack item in all indian homes.They are noodles made with chick pea flour and are deep fried.You use this as topping on chaat items,upma,poha or just have it as a plain snack item along with hot tea.So what's special in the Sev i made.I made a healthier version of this deep fried item.Yeah!! i Baked them.
Here goes the process of baking these deep fried snack item which are not only healthy but
turned out tasty as well.OK! you can't compare them with the deep fried ones but one can always compromise taste wise when one needs to eat healthy.I hope all of you guys agree...

Besan/Chickpea flour-->1 cup
Vegetable oil-->1tsp
Red chilli powder-->1 tsp
Lemon juice-->2 tsp
Tumeric powder-->1/4 tsp
Asafoetida/hing-->1/2 tsp
Salt-->to taste
Water-->as needed

1)Preheat oven @200 degree C for 10 mins.
2)Make a semi stiff dough by mixing all the ingredients with required amount of water.
3)Fill the dough into the sev press.Lightly grease the baking sheet and press thin strands of sev onto the baking sheet.
4)Bake them for about 7-8 mins @ 200 degree C or till they turn crisp & light brown.The timings varies depending on your individual oven wattage.
5)This is pressed in spirals as whole and once baked and cooled you can break them into smaller bits by just lightly pressing them with your fingers.
6)Once cooled store them in air-tight container.


  • Since i was running short of lemon -- i used vinegar in lieu of lemon juice .i did not find any difference.


  1. Divya Vikram // April 12, 2009  

    Oh my! You baked these!! Lovely..

  2. Suparna // April 12, 2009  

    Hi Sharada,
    healthier option to bake them...looks equally good!

  3. Kitchen Flavours // April 13, 2009  

    Wow sounds yum....

  4. Priya // April 13, 2009  

    Omg, u baked this sev..thats a healthy option SHarada..great work:)

  5. Chitra // April 13, 2009  

    good u baked them.i dont find any difference, worthy try!!First time in ur space, very nice blog u have.DO visit mine at ur free time:)

  6. Ramya Vijaykumar // April 13, 2009  

    Baked sev looks just like those out of hot oil super less oil which means more to have... By the ways thanks for the idea of mini Rosgullas I had them in mind but shall make them sometime soon...

  7. Asha // April 13, 2009  

    WOW!! Never thought of baking, great idea and looks so good too! :)

  8. Pooja // April 13, 2009  

    sounds healthy sharada...Lovely snack..

  9. Vibaas // April 13, 2009  

    that's awesome! looks as yum as deep fried :)

  10. Varsha Vipins // April 13, 2009  

    Oh..Thats amazing Sharada..U baked 'em..Looks so good n glad tat its healthy as well..:)
    Happy Vishu..:)

  11. Prathibha // April 13, 2009  

    Thanks sharada for dropping by..Baked sev is an amazing idea...Never thought of it..will give a try next time..:)

  12. Varunavi // April 14, 2009  

    Very innovative idea of making seva.U have nice blog:)

  13. Vani // April 14, 2009  

    Wow! a baked sev - guiltless munching :)

  14. Pavithra // April 14, 2009  

    Good idea

  15. Simran // April 14, 2009  

    This is such a healthy option!

  16. Sathya Sankar // April 14, 2009  

    i love sev, but never made it at home.....
    looks delish !
    First time here, love your recipes..
    following you :)

  17. sunshinemom // April 14, 2009  

    First time here, and so glad to be met by this tempting yet healthy shev! Kudos to you for making this:)

  18. Le @HC // April 15, 2009  

    Baked Sev looks crunchy and the way it should be. Now ther will be no reason to avoid sev puris and bhel puris

  19. luckysanjana // April 19, 2009  

    ill take sev anyway baked or fried..........just love some more chilli powder in it though......damn i just love red mroe than yellow sharada......thanks for dropping by borngifted.............its more me than mirchu na tadko...........

  20. luckysanjana // April 19, 2009  

    damni dont know why i was not able to send the previous comment i made so back to typing it again........i love sev period....doesnt matter baked or fried.....LOL...but would love a little more chilli powder in ti...damnim just too partial to red..........seriuosly its red over yellow for me...

  21. // April 28, 2009  

    this is nice... never had baked sev in my life.. but i like the idea...kinda reminds me of baked samosas..

  22. Priti // May 11, 2009  

    Cool...baked Sev..wonderful and it looks so gud .no all tempted to have a lovely blog..

  23. Parita // May 14, 2009  

    Wow baked sev sounds so healthy and tasty...fabulous..first time here..lovely blog you have..will visit again :)

  24. rekhas kitchen // June 08, 2009  

    nice idea of baking mmm interesting

  25. Usha // July 15, 2009  

    Loved the idea of baked sev, looks fantastic!

  26. SriLekha // January 22, 2010  

    looks great!

  27. Anonymous // May 22, 2010  

    Tried this recipe...turned out exceptionally well...keep up the good work :)

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