Moong dal dosa/ Pesarattu

Posted by sharada | Monday, February 14, 2011 | | 19 comments »

Whole moong (whole green gram)-->  1 Cup
Rice flour --> 1/2 Cup
Cumin powder --> 2 tsp
Dry ginger powder --> 1 tsp
Green chillies --> as per taste
Salt --> to taste

  1.  Soak whole green moong overnight with enough water. 
  2.  Grind it into a fine paste adding little water.
  3. Add to the ground moong rice flour,cumin seeds powder(roasted jeera powder),dry ginger powder,green chillies and pulse it again in the
  4. blender or mixer till well mixed.
  5. Add salt as per taste and allow it to ferment for 4 to 6hrs.
  6. Now heat a non stick tava or griddle and smear few drops of oil with the help of a cut onion.
  7. Pour in the required amount of batter and spread it into a thin dosa in a circular manner.Then drizzle oil along the edges of  the dosa.
  8. After the dosa is cooked on one side for 2-3 mins flip it over and cook on the other side for few seconds.
  9. Serve this healthy delicious dosa with any chutney of your choice.


  1. Shama Nagarajan // February 14, 2011  

    wow..dosa is crispy...tempting

  2. Treat and Trick // February 14, 2011  

    Very crispy and yummy! As for the mutton dish, you can replace with chicken and follow the same method but shorter cooking time since chicken is tender than mutton....

  3. Reva // February 14, 2011  

    lovely crispy dosa.... my favourite..

  4. aipi // February 14, 2011  

    Protein packed n delicious..loved it :)
    Happy V day to you n your loved ones :)

    US Masala

  5. divya // February 14, 2011  

    looks crispy and healthy..

  6. Zareena // February 15, 2011  

    Love these dosas. I make them often. Nice one.

  7. Rachu // February 15, 2011  

    Wow super recipe.. I will try this for my son.. and thanks so much for lovely comment.. glad to follow you.

  8. Sensible Vegetarian // February 15, 2011  

    Looks very crispy. First time here, love your recipes.

  9. Malar Gandhi // February 15, 2011  

    Looks crispy and perfect...makes me hungry:(

  10. Mrs K // February 15, 2011  

    Sharda,thanks for your lovely comment and a bigger thank you for becoming a follower,I am following you back:) The dosa looks so crisp and scrummy,can't wait to try this:)

  11. Suja Sugathan // February 15, 2011  

    Protein packed delicious breakfast..looks tempting have a wonderful blog,glad to follow u :)

  12. Aruna Manikandan // February 16, 2011  

    Firs time here.....

    dosa looks healthy and delicious...

    glad to follow u :)
    Check my space when u find time ....

  13. Spice // February 16, 2011  

    Thanks Sharada for stopping by at my blog....U too got a wonderful space here.....I'm glad that U visited me b'coz now I found a solution to my problem of soft dosa by visiting U.....I learned these dosas from one of my South Indian friend but in my house other then me no one liked it b'coz they were not crunchy, but adding rice flour is just wht it needed to give it that thanks, next time will try with rice flour....

    another question what exactly u do when U say smear oil using cut onion.....

    thanks for sharing it...

  14. Viki's Kitchen // February 16, 2011  

    Pesarattu looks so crispy and healthy.Yummy! Thanks for the nice comments and for being a friend.I too joined your follower list:)

  15. arthi // February 16, 2011  

    Dosa looks crispy and yummy...

  16. Preety // February 16, 2011  

    i also make these..very healthy and yummy too

  17. Pushpa // February 16, 2011  

    Love this healthy and delicious dosa...

  18. veena krishnakumar // February 16, 2011  

    Pesarattu looks so good. Very healthy too

  19. kitchenmorph // March 23, 2011  

    hey i was only today flippin thru for a pesarattu recipe and bingo! thank you...i'll use this...add some shallots too!

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